Minister of Environment accepted representatives of Initiative

On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, the Minister of Environment, László Sólymos,accepted representatives of “We Are Also Tatras” Initiative

Sólymos: General consensus of the new TANAP visiting policy is needed

The proposal of the new visiting policy for the Tatra National Park, which was recently introduced by the state conservation authorities have raised some raging opinions. The Minister of Environment, László Sólymos, therefore accepted representatives of We Are Also Tatras Initiative to discuss with them their collective comments on this proposal. The outcome of the meeting is the Minister’s decision to suspend the approval process of the Visiting Policy proposal, with a view to creating sufficient space for discussion.

“The visiting policy of our oldest national park must first and foremost respect nature conservation, but it must also be modern, transparent and meet the needs of visitors of the national park,” said the Minister of Environment, László Sólymos.

After receipt and incorporation of all proposals and comments, the original proposal for the TANAP Visiting Policy will be amended and adopted as soon as possible. The proposal for the new visiting policy, prepared by the TANAP Management, originally suggested and counted on several changes. These were mainly related to the length of the seasonal closure, restrictions for climbers and dog owners, and the regulation of geocaching. However, a number of comments have been made on this proposal, including a collective appeal of We Are Also Tatras Initiative.

“We thank László Sólymos, the Minister of Environment, for accepting and constructively addressing our proposals. The new proposal for the TANAP Visiting Policy will be developed under the responsibility of the Director General of the State Nature Conservation, and our organizations will be invited to this process. There is a long journey ahead of us, but it was certainly the first major step towards a better TANAP Visiting Policy. We have also achieved it thanks to all the supporters of our appeal, to which we would like to say a great big THANK YOU!”
Initiators of “We Are Also Tatras” Appeal


Press release of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic

Initiators of “We Are Also Tatras” Appeal

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